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Our testing center has the ability to complete all the tests according to the requirements of the international and national industry standards. The testing projects are including the structural inspection of material, product performance testing.

关于安徽(英文版)-out_页面_13_图像_0012.jpgComprehensive testing machinefor  service jack
1428047807194864.pngPerformance test of bottle jack

关于安徽(英文版)-out_页面_13_图像_0006.jpgComprehensive testing machinefor  scissor jack

1428047920912795.pngMetal material testing
关于安徽(英文版)-out_页面_13_图像_0003.jpgPerformance test of jack stand

关于安徽(英文版)-out_页面_18_图像_0001.jpgLoad testing machine for
creeper and stool

关于安徽(英文版)-out_页面_19_图像_0002.jpg 关于安徽(英文版)-out_页面_13_图像_0005.jpgCompression testing machine for  carton (package)
1428048169289127.pngRubber seal components
testing profile

1428048196579075.pngHydraulic jack oil detection

1428048333235186.pngLength detection, thread detection, roughness measurement