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(1) KPH-001 Compression testing machine for cartons (packaging)
Test items: Compression for all kinds of corrugated carton, stacking test.Maximum load: 3000 KG.Measure range (length×width×height): 1000×1800×1000 mm (39-3/8”x70-7/8”x39-3/8”).Overall dimensions of the machine (length×width×height):1500×1845×1910 mm (59-1/16”x72-5/8”x75-3/16”).
(2)KHP-002 Vibration testing machine for the cartons (packaging)
Test items: Vibration for all kinds of corrugated cartonThe main technical parameters:Vibration frequency (RPM): 150-300.Effective work bench size: 1200×1000 mm (47-1/4”x39-3/8”) .Pressure: 0-1200 LB.